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10 Tips To Follow For Smart Snacking

One thing we all have heard often is that snacking is unhealthy for our body, but truth be told Snacking can be healthy, if you pay attention to what you eat. Yes, it is unhealthy to frequently and compulsively consume nutrient-poor, high-sugar snacks that have no positive impact on your health, energy, or mood but eating good snacks that are packed with nutrients and that keeps you full while being energized is a win-win situation. To maximize the benefits of your snacks, follow our top 10 smart snacking tips: 

1. Mindful snacking: Try to snack mindfully without any distractions. Often times we find ourselves snacking on something while we watch our favorite shows or while we surf the internet. Snacking while multitasking mostly results in over- eating. Listen to your body and try not to eat out of boredom or stress. So next time make sure you take your time out to feel the textures and flavors while snacking. Try different textures like rice crispies or energy balls and play around with different flavors.

2. Add fruits and vegetables: Make sure to always incorporate some fruits or vegetables daily into your diet. To make it easier pre-cut some fruits and vegetables and store in your fridge or pantry where it is easily visible and accessible. Instead of unhealthy chips or crackers next time, try baby carrots or celery sticks with nut butters. Likewise make a healthy acai bowl with loads of berries, bananas and granolas or you can also make smoothies with bananas and oats.

3. Create snacks with different food groups: Instead of just including one group of nutrients, try to incorporate healthy snacks from different food groups that each give varying benefits. For example, have nuts (protein and fat) with fruits like grapes (carbohydrates) or try a combination of yoghurt, granolas and fruits. You can also try dark chocolate with dry fruits etc. the options are endless.

4. Include nuts: Nuts and seeds are excellent snacks. Nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, cashews, hazelnuts, and filberts are higher in fiber and more likely to make you feel content. However, as nuts are calorie dense, consume them in moderation.

5. Read the nutritional label while shopping for snacks: Make sure you pay attention to the nutritional label while you go for snack shopping next time. Opt for snacks that do not have added sugar and are low in calories but high in nutrient and fibers. Check for the serving size and snack accordingly. click here to read more about low calorie snacks.

6. Pay attention to when you are hungry: Sometimes we may tend to snack while we are bored or have nothing to do, make sure you are actually hungry when you go for snacking. Pay attention to your body and avoid skipping actual meals. Don’t overboard on the snacks, instead always keep it simple and nutritious.

7. Slow down while you snack: An easy way to be careful while snacking is to take it slow. Consuming large amounts of calories in the name of snack is not the way to go. Instead serve a mini portion of your snack on a clean plate and take it slow each time. This will not only help you digest better but will also keep you feeling full without over eating.

8. Breakfast food as snacks: Many breakfast-oriented foods are great for in between day snacks. Try to eat low carb bread with no sugar jams next time. They are nutritious and healthy and the best part is they are easy to make. You can pack yourself these sandwiches while you are running errands or even while going for a workout.

9. Plan your snacks ahead of time: Incorporate nutritious snacks into your weekly meal plan. Eliminating convenient and unhealthy options will be made easier with advance planning and preparation of snacks. Throughout the week, energy bites, trail mix, hummus, and chocolate-covered dried fruit make excellent pre-made snacks.

10. Have healthy desserts: No matter how healthy you eat, make sure to treat yourself to desserts from time to time. You can opt for sugar-free healthy desserts like cupcakes, brownies or cookies and snack on them with zero guilt.

     Try to implement these tips in your diet for a healthy lifestyle. What are some of the smart snacking tips that you follow? Share it with us on the comment box below. Check out our website & stock your pantries with healthy and delicious snacks.



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