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I was living in Brussels and was into half marathons, fitness, etc…then I relocated to Dubai, and gained 6kg in the first two months. The problem was not the meals, but the snacks between and during meetings.
After shedding the weight with a lot of sweat and tears, I had a "never again" moment. So I started stocking up on snacks from the supermarket, only to realise that the vast majority of these “healthy” snacks are not really healthy.
After years of research and self-experimentation, I realized there’s only one universal food truth - good food is made of good, clean and honest ingredients, and since this wasn’t so easily accessible I gathered my life savings, left my job, and started a healthy snacks company Munchbox  - to simply munch better and solve everyone’s “snack life crisis”.
Munchbox was started to satisfy your untimely mid-meal hunger pangs, whether in between meetings, while watching your favourite shows or while studying for that exam with delicious munchies made to nourish your body rather than going for those notoriously deep-fried chips, chocolate bars and other sugar-filled and high-fat snacks. We, at Munchbox are your true friends when it comes to snacking in a smart and healthy way. We offer snack options that are unique, tasty, and healthy, and without any nasties. 
Thanks to our amazing customers, a supportive chain of business partners, and a great team that whips up delicious healthy snacks that everybody loves, Munchbox is now in UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and most recently in Saudi Arabia. All this coming out of our own state-of-the-art factory in Jebel Ali, Dubai. We plan to expand into more food categories and to get more adventurous with what Munchbox has to offer.

Mahmoud Adham
Chief Munch Officer

Simply put, we make it easy for you to be healthy. We are all about helping you make the right snacking choices. We have an array of ready-to-eat snacks that work for you and your body at all times, even on-the-go.

It is high time we become more and more conscious about our health, reward our bodies and fuel it the right way to work for us effectively. Machine made and processed food, made from high amounts of chemical infusions, artificial ingredients and preservatives have an impact both in terms of self-consumption as well as on the environment. The affinity of an individual towards consumption of natural, healthy food items is highly dependent on the awareness levels, accessibility and availability to the individual which we endeavour to increase.
We believe in a world where snacks should do more than just get you through your afternoon sugar slump. That’s why we strive to develop and maintain health and wellness by creating high-quality, great-tasting snacks with functional benefits.

We are committed to developing incredibly tasty snacks made with simple, high-quality ingredients. Our promise to you is that we won’t cheat to reach that commitment by loading our snacks with sugars, salts, fats, or preservatives. We actively adhere to a strict list of unacceptable product ingredients. We will never waiver from our promise to you. No artificial junk, just pure delicious.

Every snack we offer is something we stand behind and feel good about feeding to our own families. We want you to be able to enjoy any one of our snacks without having to think about the nutrition label—we’ve already done the work for you by ensuring our products come from simple, clean ingredients.

How do we come up with our snack recipes?
Our diligent team of snackologists are constantly concocting up all sorts of recipes to create yummy healthy snacks with superfoods and by strictly adhering to our non-negotiable list of banned ingredients. For every snack that is released, there are between 15 - 20 snacks which fail our standards and never see the light of day.
We have 3 rules that our snackologists follow. If the snack passes these checkpoints, we make it available for you to try.

Rule #1: Start with ingredients from nature, and never add any artificial colorings, or preservatives. We also make sure that we never use any GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) ingredients.

 Rule #2: Each snack has to fulfil a set of our criteria: high protein, gluten free, vegan, etc so it can fit within the wide range of dietary requirements our customers are looking for.

Rule #3: If the first production batch is yummy enough to be completely devoured by our taste testers and staff before shipment, that means our customers are going to love it too. Taste buds don’t lie.

Your idea can become a snack!
We are always on the hunt for new snacks, if you have any ideas for new snacks you would like us to make, please mail us at and we will try to whip it up at the soonest opportunity.

Our purpose is to provide delicious, healthier snacks delivered in the most convenient way possible: right to your front door. Hell bent on setting packaged food right, we make snacks so clean, we can proudly declare every single ingredient that goes into it, upfront.
We aim to improve your health and wellbeing by creating awareness about healthy food products and making it easily available for you. We are constantly innovating to bring out newer products to suit the many different health needs and taste buds.
We aim to help you develop a healthier relationship with food. When we succumb to our food cravings, we often feel guilty, this guilt starts our negative relationship with food, and eventually these emotions play out negatively in other aspects of our life. We believe that the way we eat is truly the way we live! So we create each product with balanced macros and great taste, so it can become a part of your daily life and not just a cheat meal.
Our goal is your well-being. All recipes are thoughtfully created to provide wholesome meals that make you feel great. Our talented chefs are masters at work, creating munchies that are delicious and fulfilling without any compromise on quality. Whether it's physical or mental improvement you're looking for, eating cleaner and minimally processed whole foods will yield better results.


Our state of the art manufacturing unit located at Jebel Ali, Dubai is where the magic happens. We follow stringent Food Quality controls along with Safety Standards at our factory, ensuring world class quality of our products.
Our team members are not only key for being able to deliver our products every day, but are members of the Munchbox family that is enjoying every step of its exceptional journey.



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