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Healthy food swaps: This or That

Snacks can keep you full and fueled throughout the day, but they can also be very sneaky sources of extra sugar and artificial substances. By making these wise swaps, you may increase the fiber, protein, and nutritional content of your favorite snacks while cutting back on any extra sugar or junk. Here are some healthy snack swaps:

1. Instead of fruit juices try infused water: fruit juices contain a lot of sugar and calories, so next time slice up some fruits and add them to your water for a burst of flavor while still keeping you hydrated.

2. Instead of chips try popcorn: chips contain a high calorie, sodium and fat content which is harmful for our body when consumed in large amount, so opt for popcorns that are not heavily buttered or salted as a healthy option.

3. Instead of white bread try high protein bread: White refined carbohydrates in bread are quickly digested and absorbed, causing a blood sugar increase, and they lack in fiber and protein, so choose high protein breads that are low in calorie and carb.

4. Instead of mayo try nut butters: mayo is a high fat food which is calorie dense, it will quickly aid in weight gain and should be consumed with care, it is healthier to opt for single ingredient nut butters that are high protein with zero added sugar and loaded with healthy fats.

5. instead of cereals try granolas: cereals are highly processed and rich in refined grains and added sugar. Eating too much cereals can lead to many chronic diseases like diabetes etc. opt for healthy granolas that are rich in fiber and protein with no added sugar.

6. instead of dry fruits try fresh fruits: even though dry fruits are nutritious they may still contain a high amount of sugar. Some fruits like cranberries are added with more sugar while drying them. Fresh fruits are the best snack that is good in nutrients and proteins.

7. Instead of chocolate candy bar try High quality dark chocolate: cocoa beans are rich in compounds that are good for health but normal candy bars barely contain any of it as they are highly processed mainly with sugar and milk. Next time swap it out for good quality dark chocolate that contain high cocoa content and no sugar.

8. Instead of sweetening with sugar try with cinnamon: next time you make your coffee or you bake cookies, try to sprinkle some cinnamon instead of sugar. Cinnamon have metabolism boosting properties that are good for us, and it will not trick the body into craving for more sweet stuffs like it does when we consume sugar.

9. Instead of flavored yoghurt try plain Greek yoghurt: flavored yoghurt contains high amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners that are not good for the body, they are calorie dense and will leave you craving for more sugar when you eat them, instead go for a low calorie no sugar added Greek yoghurt, you can slice up some fruits to add to this for natural sweetness.

10. Instead of crisps try pumpkin seeds: crisps are high in sodium and can cause various health issues like high blood pressure and hypertension etc. pumpkin seeds are a better alternative, they are rich in vitamins and minerals like manganese and zinc which helps our immune system and has healing properties.

What are some healthy alternatives for your favorite snacks? Let us know down below in the comment section. Make sure you check our website to explore healthier alternatives that are nutritious as well as delicious.



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